Finally, a sleep program for your child with special needs…

The Special Needs Sleep Program will give you everything you need to get your child to sleep better and independently, so they can grow, thrive, and use these sleep skills for years to come.

Does your child struggle with…

Taking hours to fall asleep

Waking up 2, 5, 10 or more times a night

Getting up at 2am, and not falling asleep again

Needing to be held, fed, rocked, or helped to sleep

Being so exhausted that they (and you) can barely keep it together the next day?

You are ready for solutions…

You’ve been told by professionals that there’s nothing to be done. You’re tired of being shuffled out of the doctor’s office with a prescription slip for more meds or melatonin.

Imagine your family firing on all cylinders…

Nights of tears, frustration, and sleep deprivation are a thing of the past. You see day in and day out that your child is finally making progress and shining at therapy.

You know your child is feeling their best! It may not always be perfect, but you finally have hope that your child can be a great sleeper.

Join the Special Needs Sleep Program to…

  • Get your child sleeping on their own and through the night
  • Have your child settle easily if and when a wake up happens
  • See your child refreshed and ready to take on the day
  • Know exactly how to handle any bumps in the road
  • Finally have some time to yourself and with your partner.

You’re a special needs parent…

…who only does everything.

You’re a therapist, chef, pharmacist, lawyer, teach, nurse…and more. When your child isn’t sleeping well, it means that you can’t be the incredible support and “Super Parent” you need to be.

You know just how brilliant your child is and know they have the potential to learn anything, even to sleep well!

The Special Needs Sleep Program includes…

  • The step-by-step to help your child fall asleep and stay asleep, so everyone wakes up feeling great the next day.


  • Access to all the resources you need to tailor your child’s sleep program to their specific needs, so that your child’s plan is unique to them.


  • A coach by your side every step of the way, so you’re never wondering what you should be doing next.


  • A group of parents, so that you have support, community, and can celebrate wins together!

The next Special Needs Sleep Program starts September 12th, 2022!

This course is open to 6 families at a time, so that I can be 100% devoted to making sure that you and your child are getting the attention and support you need on your journey to a great night’s rest.

Investment: $350

Your child’s sleep problems no longer have to be a mystery. You can finally have the road map to a better night’s rest for your whole family. And, I’ll help you get there!

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Hi, I’m Melissa Doman!

I’ve had the pleasure to teach over 200 special needs families whose children represent a variety of diagnoses. These children have successfully learned to sleep great at night without medication or melatonin.

I teach parents the exact techniques their child needs to sleep holistically and completely, factoring in all of their unique needs.

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